Build A Successful Marketing Team – 3 Reasons Your Team Needs An Inbound Marketing Manager

Being frustrated with your marketing team is becoming more and more common now that prospects are ignoring their traditional strategies such as attending trade shows and sending out direct mail pieces. You constantly set them up with the goal to generate more and high quality leads but they’re just not making it happen. While you may have a team of experienced marketers, they may not have the experience that actually works in this new economy of ours.

An answer to this problem is adding an inbound marketing manager to your team. In short, kotler and keller marketing management 15th edition inbound marketing is a collection of strategies designed to help prospects find your business online. You don’t have to interrupt your prospects anymore as they’ll only come to you when they’re ready.

Creating a full time position for this type of marketing may seem like too much of a risk for your organization. However, here are 3 reasons to consider that will help you put those worries to rest:

Easy to Prove ROI

When you hear about things like blogging, SEO, and social media, a red flag probably appears in your mind saying that there’s no way to prove the effectiveness of these strategies. However, an experienced inbound marketing manager actually uses tools like HubSpot that will help you measure exactly where your leads are coming from and even which online channels generate customers for your business.

Decreased Cost Per Lead

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, you need leads and you don’t want to spend a lot of money in order to generate them. Fortunately, petescycle that’s exactly what an inbound marketing manager focuses on. Your inbound marketing manager won’t come to you asking for more and more money. Instead, they’ll be showing you reports of how your blog and social media reach has expanded and the resulting leads that came from it – all of which didn’t need any additional budget thrown behind them.

Your Sales Team Will Love You

Inbound marketing managers not only focus on generating leads, they also set up lead nurturing strategies that are relevant to leads at all stages of the buying process. By the time your sales people are making contact with these leads, aniioki your inbound marketing manager will have already sent highly relevant content to these prospects that will answer their questions and help them close quicker in the sales process.


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