Hair Colour For Pale Skin

Women change their hair colour more often than they change their wardrobes. For one thing, it’s cheaper, and they can often do it themselves. Add today’s easy glamour, and the stage is set for runway styles in everyday life. The basic of a truly glamorous hair colour is healthy, shiny hair with a cut that provides a lot of movement. Pastels are in, along with high contrast colours such as bright red and jet black. But don’t make the most common mistake in choosing hair colour. The biggest mistake is not finding hair colour that matches your skin tone. Some professionals say that you can dye your hair any colour, as long as it’s the right shade. Here, let’s try to discover which hair colour for pale skin works best.

What is Your Skin Undertone

If you have pale skin, there are just as many options available for you as there are for anyone else. You just have to do a little analysis. Study your skin in the mirror, 613 wig both up close and in general. Do you see red undertones there? Look at the naked colour of your lips. Do they look kind of blue or gray, or are they kind of peach colour? Can you see a hint of blue from the veins in your skin? All of these are subtle signs of your skin tone.

Usually, skin tone is classified as warm or cool. Obviously, red is a warm tone and blue is cool. But here’s a test…is pink cool or warm? Believe it or not, pink is a cool colour. It usually has blue tones in it. So, if you have a peaches and cream complexion, you actually have cool colouring.

Complement, Not Contrast

A good guideline in choosing a successful hair colour is to complement your pale skin tone, not contrast with it. For instance, if you have blue undertones to your pale complexion, you need to go with blue-black undertones in dark coloured hair, or ash in blonde hair. If you’re going with brown hair, stay away from red highlights.

If you have warm skin tones, complement them with caramel and bronze colours in your hair. For black, try violet and plum undertones, as these are a red-base colour.


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