Hill Resorts in Malaysia

Hill resorts could be as entertaining in Malaysia as the beaches and islands. When the denizens get desperate of the tropical climate, they go to these hill resorts for respite. These hills always carry a verdant look which is quite eye-soothing and refreshing. In hill resorts in Malaysia, Online Casino Malaysia tourists can enjoy themselves with an array of entertaining activities.

Cameron Highlands
Most popular hill resort in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is another name for verdant undulating hills. Located in Pahang province of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is located at an altitude of 1,829 metre. The hill resort, which enjoys cool climate all round the year, has earned the nickname Green Bowl for it produces a large amount of vegetables, tea and strawberries. Rose gardens of Cameron Highlands are something not to miss.

Some famous centres are Rose Centre, dog portraits Rose Valley and Robertson Rose Garden. Cactus Valley showcases innumerable types of cactus. A nice way to relax in Cameron Highlands is a stroll in the fragrant tea plantations. Butter Farm and Butterfly Garden are two other popular places in the hill resort.

Fraser’s Hill
Fraser’s Hill is located just at a couple of hours off Kuala Lumpur, making it easily accessible. This is a common name for a consortium of seven hills. The region remains cool throughout the year and is a popular site for weekends among Kuala Lumpur denizens. In Fraser’s Hill, the best thing to do is to stroll amidst natural beauty. Apart from it, you could also enjoy bird watching, golfing, boating, fishing, whitewater rafting, archery, mountain biking, horse riding, squash and much more. The hill resort has successfully maintained its colonial charm.

Genting Highlands
Genting Highlands has been diligently developed for the tourists. Located just 50 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, it is another easily accessible tourism spot. The place is known for its exotic nightlife, luxurious resorts and entertainment. Casinos, dinner shows, golf resort and discos cater to the demand of the tourists. The two theme parks are ever ready to welcome the tourists. Outdoor Theme Park is something you should not miss during your trip to Genting Islands. You would love the rides in the theme park. Indoor Theme Park is another place equipped with modern recreation gadgets.

Gunung Jerai
Gunung Jerai, also known as Kedah Peak, is the highest mountain in Kedah state. When looked at from the sea, the hill seems an imposing structure. The hill has lush forest indicating that it has several places for picnicking. Sungai Teroi Recreational Forest has so many herbs, ferns, african products in Europe flowering plants, and climbers. On a sunny day, you would be able to see the coastline.

Penang Hill
Located in Penang, the hill resort is just at 20 minutes drive from Georgetown, Malaysia. Also known as Bukit Bandara, Penang Hill is a fantastic place to spend with your family and friends. The resort has several vantage points offering panoramic views. Jungle trekking and bird watching are popular activities in Penang Hill. The half hour cable ride for the hill resort is an experience in itself.

Bukit Resort
This is the oldest hill resort in Malaysia. Also known as Maxwell Hill, Cake she hits different it is located at just 10km from Taiping in Perak province. Bukit Larut has preserved its colonial atmosphere till date. You could delightfully enjoy the modest colonial bungalows and meticulously cultivated gardens. The road to the resort is an experience in itself.


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