Small Business Website Tips – Website Navigation Guide

Your small business website is going to grow and evolve right alongside your small business. As you expand into new territories or begin to offer new products or services you’ll want to add these to your website as well. This is all well and good but a common problem with your website is the autoperformancepartsdirect ability for current and potential customers to find what they are looking for as time goes by and your website grows.

At first it’s easy to navigate your small business website, right? Just a few pages and maybe a couple of products. It can quickly get out of hand and become a mess as your business grows and changes. Just having something online is not enough. Folks need to find what they are looking for, and fast, gambleonlineblog or they will be on to your competitors site faster than you can say Inventory Control.

No matter where you are with your website, either just starting or a few years in, take some time to go over it. Look at how it works, how long it takes to get from the front page to a product or service or contact information. Gather up everything that is on your site now, and what you want to add to it in the near future, and make an outline. That’s right, an outline…just like back in school.

On your home page you want to provide links to all your major points. These could be your main products or most popular services. Group common products and services together and provide cross links from one to the other. For example, if you both make Widgets and Install Widgets your top navigation may look something like this…

Home – Our Widgets – Custom Widgets – Widget Installation Services – Contact Us

…or something along those lines. Under the “Our Widgets” tab you may have links to pages about the different types of Widgets you make (ie. red, blue, green, for more details visit sites: whatever). On each of these pages you’d provide cross links to each other kind of widget and installation.

Always make it easy to get back to a main page and always make it very easy for the person to contact you from any page they are on by phone and email. Take some time to really think about how your customers will use your website to buy your products and services and do everything you can to make your site work that way. The easier it is for people to find what they want the faster they reach for their wallet.


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