Digital Marketing Methods

With the breakthrough of digital services, the door was opened, with a whole host of ways to sell your product. Developing your digital marketing strategy has become a science itself. We have been targeted for years but most people don’t know they have been online.

But what services actually work for your company?

Online Adverts

Digital adverts on websites have grown into an intelligent way to sell your message. Services such as Google AdWords have targeting abilities to get your message to the people you want to see your advertisement. Say, you sell remote control cars, online138 having your advert on a holiday themed website is not going to make your sales any higher. You need to maximise your advertising budget, using a targeted system will allow you to reach the right demographic and make the views count. slot gacor

Though this market is very competitive and only helps target those people who already visit the sites that relate to your business, it’s very hard to break new customers who are unaware of your industry. Ammo for sale

Search Engines

One of the best ways to get new people to your site is to make your site search engine friendly. When a new user has a question or is trying to find the information they need they use a search engine. Making your site search engine friendly is a field that is ever changing, with the likes of Google and Microsoft employing highly advanced search algorithms to analyse sites, you have to now have at least daily updates to keep your site current and well placed within the results displayed by the search engines.

These days search engines don’t make their judgments just on the site you have and the information provided. It needs to be validated with information on others sites to build up a back link database. With the growth of information, search engines need to have this validation to stop the growth of search hijacks and misinformation displayed in its results to the user.

This market is a very imported part to be included within a marketing campaign, with search engine traffic usually making up more than a half of all visitors to a site, it cant be ignored.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is a very new sector to the scene but has the potential to get very good results. Social networks brings lots of people together with the one aspect, For more details please visit sites:- to interact with others. You can post your thoughts, your views, keep in touch, build relationships, find new friends, build online communities with similar interests & and ‘poke’ each other.

With this large amount of data available it is a marketing dream come true. Gone are the days when you needed to put in countless hours of market research and studies. You are able to view in real time, interests and topics that change on a hourly rate. You can target key trends with your message and get feedback in a very short time compared to long studies and feedback that would be needed with traditional marketing methods. Adverts using in house systems and user groups can help products with a social structure nature, but is wasted on everyday products and consumables. Washing powder companies can’t really use this type of advertising medium, as their product advertising won’t be taken seriously and it’s better used on more traditional services like in store advertisements and coupons.

There have been some exceptions to this rule though, Cadbury had a good campaign with the return of the Wispa bar, setup by a small group of individuals it led to the re-introduction of the bar and gave the brand a large boost in the national media. The campaign thrived by using the social networks to build an online following, relying on users of the sites to promote the cause with the popularity and nostalgia of the brand. Cadbury then appeared to listen to the volume of users and re-made the product in limited numbers, it sold out in record time and they then re-implemented it as a permanent product in their current line. The people behind the campaign were thought to be a small marketing team which used Facebook’s and Twitter’s unique reach to ‘snowball’ the campaign to the success that it became.

Social networking is not to be pushed aside, it can really help your business if the campaign used is clever and constantly supported, as now it can easy get lost in the mounds of information that networks like Twitter and Facebook produce.

Viral Campaigns

With the introduction of social networks and the increase use of video and other community sites, a new feature of partnering the online campaign with an off line campaign has done wonders with brands in the technology and entertainment industry.

Companies such as Microsoft used this heavily with the build up to the announcement of the xbox 360. A 6 month long bread crumb trail was laid out for users to follow before the announcement was made at E3 in 2005. They used the reach of online communities, placed physical clues in real world locations, ‘hidden’ messages in coded websites. They usually led onto another clue which was then scrambled to be decoded, by the dedicated army of users trying to find the news first. Using this to their advantage meant media outlets too were searching for this and not giving the time on leaks and insider information they usually feature when pursuing this type.

The entertainment industry use this type now all the time, but not in the scale they once did. They now are usually sniffed out and lose the credibility as new campaigns dont have the impact they once earned.

Email Marketing

Spam is one of the oldest terms used in the technology industry and has been accepted into general language by many cultures. It references a Monty Python sketch that was a favourite with early programmers who used it as a reference for unwanted material that was sent to them via the newly available electronic mail system.

Email marketing now has lost a lot of the credibility that it once had. On average there are 183 billion spam emails sent every day, meaning your advertising email can get lost in the virtual post. Spam email programs are very clever, they use advanced algorithms to analyse the content and the origin of the email and deem it spam or not. Usually they block all advertisements, as spam emails may try to maliciously trick users into giving over personal data or spread computer viruses on a massive scale.

With studies finding that spam emails cost companies worldwide more than $200 Billion dollars a year legal systems and Governments are now trying to step up and stem the flow. With the introduction of more and more complex systems at ISP level it has become very hard to use email as a viable method of delivering sales material. In its ‘hay day’ it was the king of advertisements as more and more people used it as a reliable communications system, now it is a shadow of its former self with its future looking bleak as an advertising solution.

Over the next few weeks we will look into the systems more, working out what combinations to use, how to use them and the best methods to get your information out there within the best use of your budget.

I am Creative Director here at Orderof47, I have over 6 years experience designing and constructing a range of digital media.

Order of 47 are a specialist new media design studio based in Redditch, Worcestershire – UK.

With a deep foundation in usability and creativity, Order of 47 take briefs from their initial stages, through the planning and design process to development and launch. Whether it’s a straightforward XHTML website, a database-driven CMS, an e-marketing campaign, a brochure design or simply a corporate identity, Order of 47 have the expertise and skills to deliver what you require and more.


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