3D Animation – An Introduction

3D animation is the latest branch of computer animation. Basically, 3D animation is used to create moving images and other animated effects. Now days, 3D animation is widely used kaufen sie k2 online in the computer field (Games, software, etc.) and media industry like films referred as CGI (Computer-generated imagery or computer-generated imaging).

Working Mechanism

The creation of 3D animations consists of three stages:
1. Modeling
2. Layout and animation
3. Rendering

Modeling is the phase, in which 3D mesh, model or shape of the object is created. As described above, computer is used widely for this cause. There are many working methods and tools for modeling. Each technique and methods have different aspects and used according to need.

Layout and animation
3D objects are dispatched for movements in this stage. There are various types of techniques, used in the process of animation like inverse kinematics, keyframing, and motion capture. anime4up All these techniques are used simultaneously or according to the situation.

3D object is converted in an image in this stage. It is the most vital stage of the whole process. Use of light and camera, is significant in this process. Shadow, mood, reflection, waves and special effects are created by the help of various 3D software.

Basic Principle
The main working principle is based upon the creation of illusion jiliko of moving images and synchronization of moving images with television and motion pictures.3D animation is derived from stop motion animation of the 3D models and 2D illustrations frame by frame. 3D animation involves the creation of images and models on the computer monitor. Figures are assembled on the virtual skeleton. On the other hand, the other hand, 2D animation depends on physical and separate objects (illustrations) transparent layers. The animator produces the movements of figure like mouth, clothes, eyes, etc. on the key frame. Frame (a complete image) rate is a really important thing for 3d graphics.12. Frames per second (fps) is the minimum rate of frames used for any film. Usually, 24 fps are used widely to make movies and other cartoons.

Future and Interesting Facts
3D animation has changed the course of media industry. New cartoons like Incredible, Ice Age, Shrek and many more animated cartoon films are clear results of this innovative technology. ReBoot was the first computer generated TV show. Toy Story 1(1994) was the first film. This film broke all records of box office and set many new records. Toy Story 2(1995) and Toy Story 3(2010) showed the magic of 3D animation. Bill Nighy became Davy Jones in Pirates of Caribbean because of this 3D animation. Though, he wasn’t in the movie. Avatar, blockbuster of 2009, was the miracle of 3D animation.

3D animation has become essential part of video games. In the present era, no architect can make his plan without this innovative technology. 3D animation is widely used in the medical field, especially the cosmetic surgery.

The creation of human images is still a problem. According to technologists, this problem will be solved in future. CGI films have successfully shown the different animal characters in the films. In simple words, 3D technology will be the future of graphic industry and computer animation.


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