Givenchy Perfume – The Best Perfume Brand For Men And Women

Givenchy perfume came from the name of Hubertde Givenchy. He ran an organization gave varieties of this brand. Some special perfume and fragrance are, Amarige Mariage Eau De Toilette, hariansurya Fleur D’Interdit Eau De Perfume for women and, Greenergy Eau De Toilette, Gentleman after Shave like fragrance for men.

The Amarige D Amour Eau De Toilette is a fresh and luscious twist to the classic Amarige fragrance. This perfume composed of fruity-floral notes including tangerine, phonicsonline sweet pea, black currant, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, and amber. This perfume is for women wear, have a very nice smell and continue of the fragrance smell till last. Its composition products are good not so much harmful in smell means nice. This fragrance uses in daytime.

Greenergy Eau De Toilette, it was created in France. It is a green, floral and woody fragrance for men.

Amarige Mariage Eau De Toilette, This product was introduced in 1992. This romantic floral-fruity fragrance is a rich with amber, sensual musk, disneyfansites vanilla and sparkling fruity notes of mandarin. This is also specially for women. Mostly use this in marriages for making special effects.

Eau De Givenchy Eau De Toilette, This fragrance designed Eau de Givenchy in 1980.It is a flowery, fresh. It possesses peaches, plums, melons and citrus. It is intended for day wearing for women.

Givenchy Gentleman after Shave was introduced in 1975.Its a woody, oriental fragrance. It contains blends of spices, rose, and leather. It is suggested for evening wearing for men.

Extravagance D Amarige Body Lotion, this brand was introduced in 1988. It is a flowery, fresh fragrance. This is ideal for casual occasions. It possesses blends of spices, mandarin and fruity notes. It is suggested for day wearing for women. For more info please visit here:-

Pi after Shave, was introduced in 1999 by the Givenchy design house. It’s an oriental, sophisticated fragrance for men possessing aromas of vanilla, light citrus and woods. It’s suggested for evening wearing for men.


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