Space Fortress – Online Game Guide – Fortress, Weapons, Perks and More!

Space Fortress is a unique Strategy Shooting game. It is not just like any normal Shooter game, this game has a bit of everything all in one. It has –

*Blasting enemies on an unknown planet.

*Use a variety of weapons at your disposal. bjak

*Upgrades for weapons to make them more powerful.

*The ability to build a fortress around you to defend yourself from the invading waves of alien species. trendyworld

*Many Fortress upgrade options and the ability to add automatic Turrets to your fortress!

*Hire other Mercenaries soldiers to aid you in your battle.

*Extra Premium Advantages provided via MochiCoins (if you have some spare cash).

*And lastly, Perks are available for your character to increase your survivability, power and other massive upgrades to advance your fortress.

First Impressions

Starting off, the game seems a little slow, with its tutorial, slow waves of starting enemies and not much to do with your basic pistol and no fortress. But after the first few waves, the games becomes a lot deeper with more to do, more options get opened to you, and the game starts to open up to its high potential of fun. treecuttingbranchoutservices


You can either use the W,A,S,D keys or Arrow Keys <- ^ -> to move you character about.

We found it best to use W,A,S,D and then you can concentrate on aiming with your mouse.

Number keys 1-0 can be used to change between your current equipped weapons.

Esc Key – Options Menu


The interface in Space Fortress is very cool. From left to right we have:

*Health Icon in %

*Fortress Heat Map

*Weapon Selection

*Realtime Map


*Option Buttons


The game play is great, and is more advanced than it looks. There are 30 levels to survive through, with many enemies, weapons and upgrades getting unlocked as you advance through each one.

Unique to this game are the introduction of a wide variety of different enemies, all with different individual stats and special abilities that you need to learn and watch out for, these vary from flying, to underground diggers.

The Interface is very easy to work out, and with all the Perks, Weapons and Upgrades this game will set you back a good few hours of interesting game play.


Perks are additional extras available to help and increase your characters, fortress and weapons abilities.

*Ammo Carrier – Increase Ammo capacity by 50% between levels.

*Elite Mercenaries – Increase damage and ammo capacity of mercenaries by 25%. (PREMIUM)

*Extended Clip – Increases ammo capacity by 50% all the time.

*Firearm’s Specialist – Increase weapon damage by 50%. (PREMIUM)

*Gold Finder – Increase gold from enemies by 50%.

*Dead Mercenaries – Dead mercenaries will be healed after 1 wave.

*Powerful Towers – Increases tower damage by 35%.

*Life Regen – Increase life regen by +2 per second.

*Stronger Mercs – Increase life by 150 and life regen by +2 per second.

*Stronger Muscles – Gives you an additional +150 health.

*Stronger Towers – Increases base towers health by 50%.

*Stronger Walls – Increases wall health by 50%.

*Toughness – You receive 10% less damage from attacks. For more info please visit these sites:- 


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