Managed And Secure File Transfer Really Makes Life Easy

Who doesn’t like an easier life? Sure we all do and managed or secure file transfer can make things easier in all sorts of functions. When considering possible solutions then don’t underestimate how much effect a managed file transfer solution can have on your organisation. createssh

It’s a well known fact that for IT and Operations managers, if technology is complicated or difficult, users will shy away from making the most of it. If staff members are uncomfortable with the managed or secure file transfer, there will be a tendency towards using email to send large files and this could have a number of implications. supermoz

Manual operations use manpower with less efficiency, staff feel less confident in carrying out their tasks., compliance can be compromised if tasks aren’t carried out with full competence, processes are not fully observed, risking mistakes and there is no proof of receipt of files.

Everyone knows how to use email now, ans most emailers are used to a number of email client interfaces. An outlook user can easily adapt to webmail or Mac OS mail. It’s easy to see that familiar screens create confidence in users, which encourages the adoption of new processes offered. In order to send files securely on an ad-hoc basis, there will be an advantage if your managed or secure file transfer interface looks generically similar to something they are already using. In order to meet requirements of employees sending large files on a daily basis, you will require the managed or secure file transfer to: directory24x7


  • Be easy for workers to adapt to with little or no disruption.
  • Be easy to train people on with no need for specialists
  • Offer a ‘receipt’ for files received
  • Accommodate external users
  • Handle large files
  • Cope with Ad-hoc file transfers
  • Have well thought out processes and be intuitive
  • Feel familiar buddylinks


Administrators in the IT functions naturally prefer solutions that are easy to implement. They also require easy configuration and integration with minimal down time whilst installation is being carried out. For everything to work first time is also important.

After the managed solution has been set up, with minimal interventions the solutions should achieve the following:

High availability and system stability, internal set-up for encryption/decryption for external users, easy to maintain user configurations that link to user databases, an audit module that’s easy to use, easy to use and distribute reports, simple installation and integration.

From an operational standpoint, when business needs are being met, the best managed or secure file transfer solution, there is nothing else to do but sit back and reap the rewards. Manpower and time will be freed up, industry regulations on compliance are being met, users can easily use the software and a reliable system is achieved without the need to worry about security or operational requirements. seoboost

HANDD Business Solutions Ltd are specialists and consultants in data-centric security solutions. They provide consultancy and advice on Data Classification, Managed and and SSH Key Management. They have offices or representation in the UK, Mainland Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US. They sell and distribute software on behalf of Titus, Varonis, Ipswitch, GlobalSCAPE, Linoma, SSH, Attachmate and South River Technologies. For more info please visit these sites:-


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